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Designing Your Website Using WebFlow

I'll create your wireframe site giving you an visual idea on what it will look like. This also includes giving you access to edit and add your own comments onto the wireframe site to aid in the design process.

What I'll do while designing your website

✔️ Planning your website design

✔️ Scoping the site process for visual & content creation elements

✔️ Wireframing / 2 revisions

✔️ Enable Mobile friendly feature

✔️ Seamless transitions between categories/post wireframe

✔️ Use website visuals to target your audience

✔️ Documentation of the website design process

✔️ Updating you every 2-4 days of the design process

Benefits Of Having Me work On Your Website Design

  • Saves you time: I'll work on the site design and wireframing, letting you focus on your business while I deal with the heavy lifting on making your website visually appealing & functional to use!

  • Interactivity Enabled: You will be able to interact with the wireframe site adding your comments, thoughts and any modifications you wish to see on the site. Giving the both of us an even clearer picture of the final result

  • 60 Minutes of Design Research: During our meetup call we will discuss further on your goals, and inspiration to explore different design avenues for your site.

  • Documentation: Everything that occurs during the design process will be documented and accessibly for your team and myself to access & input any changes that occurred to the design process.

  • Revisions: The design process will have 3 revisions to aid in the design process , to include any design additions & features that might come in mind.

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