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Developing your website functionality, in which optimizes your business effectiveness to deal with your online clients
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Developing Your Website Using WebFlow

Develop your website from the ground up, custom built and tailored for your business needs . This will ensure you will focus on your core business elements.

What I'll do while designing & developing your website‍

βœ” Includes everything from Universal Package Plans

βœ” Website Template designs are available

βœ” 1-8 pages

βœ” 200 GB bandwidth/mo

βœ” 1,500 CMS Items

βœ”οΈ Database development / 12 CMS Collections

βœ” 3 content editors

βœ”οΈ Adding your content to the website

βœ”οΈ Enabling custom Domain URL & SSL

βœ”οΈ Dashboard Editor Enabled

βœ”οΈ SEO Improvement

βœ”οΈ Branding element / coloring

βœ” 2 rounds of revisions

βœ”οΈ Enabling Accessibility across multiple devices(Desktops, Tablets, Mobile Devices)

βœ”οΈ Development Documentation

βœ”οΈ Updating you every 3-5 days of the development process


Benefits Of Having Me work On Your Website Development

  • Saves you time: I'll work on the site development process, letting you focus on your business while I deal with the heavy lifting on making your website functional & accessible across multiple devices!


  • Troubleshooting Be-Gone: I'll deal with the troubleshooting and debugging to ensure your site runs smoothly to have very optimal speeds for some of your clients that might have slower internet connections


  • SEO Improvement: Improving your site's responsive features & functionality, post & images information, helps increase your search results both in local & regional areas. Which means a further outreach to new visitors & clients for your business.


  • Documentation: I'll document the process every step of the way, so after the project completion you will have an reference document to help you to navigate your Dashboard Editor, and to include your own content & information to the site.


  • Local Power: Being a Chicago resident means I know your local Illinois needs and able to acquire the necessary information that suits your business objectives. Such as what are clients looking for, their tastes & desire in design, using it to garner more traction.


  • Domestic Power: If your out of state your also in good hands. Have over 7 years worth of experience dealing with website design & mobile friendly interactions on the internet, with the ability to acquire mean to able to acquire the necessary information that suits your local business objectives in your state.


  • Free Support Hours : You will have over 3 hours of support after the site development has been to completed to aid you, if you have any last minute questions or additions




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Client Development Sites

Chicago land e-commerce site for Divine Plant Lady The Divine Plant Lady Community is a community of resilience. Here we provide soul-nourishment through Divine inspiration. Our soul mission is to grow our community where love, encouragement, support, and the motivation to believe in yourSELF is never absent. The ENTIRE Universe conspired to bring you here. I thank you for following their guidance.

Divine Plant Lady

E-Commerce site that also deals with community & well being of the spiritual mind

United Storage Home Page Improved their site design which is currently is : new site design at A couple of improvements to the site includes mobile friendly, better UI, SEO elements, and give's a better representation of what United Self Storage stands for. Will update this page shortly once new information comes along, as well updating the url once the final design is completed ‍

United Self Storage

Wireframe template of United Self Storage. Improved Design, Informational placements & interactivity for potential customers & visitors to the site


Some of our success stories

When we succeed, the whole organization benefits. Our proactive approach to working with our clients is one of many reasons why they come back again and again for help delivering transformative results

"Fast response, was able to meet an agreeable price range, gave me multiple different outlooks on my projects, and was very enjoyable to work with. Will be a returning customer in the future!"

"The engagement was a success; Jonathan Almawi completed the project within an ambitious timeline and provided excellent value for money. The team had effective communication through MarkUp, emails, and text messages. Their genuine investment in the client’s success stood out.‍"

Ciji Henderson

Testimonial Review

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Our Process

Goal identification

People come to your site for many reasons; some want information, while others hope how you can solve their problems. It's important not just what content is offered on the page but also who will be accessing it and how they behave when using their devices to view your business.

Crafting the Story

We are storytellers at heart! We use data analytics and user experience research to guide navigation, content organization as well as storytelling for an impactful solution.That tells the right story in order capture your potential customers attention span , so they can be reached with your products or services tailored specifically towards them!

Design Sitemap & Wireframe

Your designs will come to life before you even launch! We'll create a detailed design sitemap and wireframe so that when it's time for development, all of your ideas can be planned out. Next up? Putting together the brand personality behind each page with our high-fidelity mockups - this way both us are on the same page & happy with the results on paper as well online!

Web Design + Dev

We know how important it is to have a website that can really turn heads, capture the eye of potential customers and drive them into taking an action. You're not just looking at web pages anymore! Our designers create websites with either custom designs or pre-loaded graphics so you get results fast without having design skills in house - all while being accessible on any device: desktops or mobile devices alike


When the entire functionality has been completed, our team will send over a documentation with all necessary information to help you during your launch process. This also includes custom video clips on how best use your site!‍

On-going support

Your website is your business's storefront, so it should be maintained constantly. We offer an on-going support after launch with our site maintenance plan if you're too busy for updating content pages & information about the company or looking for someone to handle this task with experience then let us help you out!‍

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